Fishing for More Leads?

Do you want more leads? Of course you do!

Getting qualified leads is the lifeblood of most businesses and it’s an important aspect to consider when buying advertising.

Growing up in Minnesota, the land of 10,000 lakes, I learned to fish at an early age. And as I began to generate leads online, I started seeing the parallels between fishing and digital marketing.

Any professional angler will tell you that the key to finding fish, is trying different baits, at different depths, in different parts of the lake.

fishing for leadsAnd so it is with finding qualified leads for your business. Sometimes it will be just as easy as throwing your hook in the water and catching fish the first time, and other times, you’ll need to work harder at it.

In a recent example, we was trying to generate B2B leads for a client with AdWords and Facebook traffic. After identifying the keywords on AdWords and Job Titles on Facebook, we drove clicks to a high-quality landing page with a video and an optin form.

Normally this would work great, but this time it wasn’t working for some reason, the visitors weren’t “taking our bait” and we were stumped.

After discussing it with our client, we realized that our target prospect was probably using their smartphone most of the time. So we quickly made a mobile-friendly page and changed our advertising to mobile-only so our prospects could easily engage with us.

The results?

Still no fish… 🙁

We were frustrated!

So we decided to move to a different part of the lake and try some different bait.

Both AdWords and Facebook now have “Click To Call” capabilities – so we tried skipping the landing page altogether, making the call to action be simply, “Call us now!”.

This time… it worked!

Qualified leads began calling our client’s office and we started catching fish.

So keep this story in mind the next time you are fishing online for leads. They’re out there, you just need use the right bait and find the best fishing holes for your market!

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