Lead Generation

Attract More Leads With A Lead Magnet

Today, nearly every online sale, starts as a lead.

lead-magnetWith the exception of some ecommerce sites, like products sold on Amazon or eBay, today’s online shoppers need more from us before they are willing to pull out their credit card and buy straight away. They need a “Lead Magnet”…

A Lead Magnet is a free giveaway that advertisers provide to prospects, in exchange for permission to market to them.

Your Lead Magnet fulfills a promise to solve a problem or “scratch an itch” for your prospect, gently leading them into your sales process.

This can be as simple as a “free price quote” or an “online demo“.

Other Examples A Lead Magnet Include:

  • Cheat Sheet
  • White Paper
  • Case Study
  • How To Video
  • Free Trial
  • Free Quiz
  • Discounts
  • Reports/Guides

Developing Your Lead Magnet

In our commitment to providing you with profitable advertising, we’ll work with you to develop an enticing Lead Magnet for your sales process so that more visitors become prospects and more prospects turn into sales!

This is an example of one of our Lead Magnets…


Automated Follow Ups

The use of autoresponders is a high-leverage resource for scaling your online sales process.

Once a lead has been generated, it’s important to have an email sequence to follow up with them.

Done correctly, your autoresponders will continue to provide your prospect with more value, while simultaneously building a relationship on auto-pilot (sign up for our Lead Magnet above to see this in action).

We can advise and assist you in developing every aspect of your automated lead generation and marketing campaigns.

Contact us today or schedule a free strategic consultation to discuss ways to improve your online sales process!