Landing Page Optimization


They’re On Your Site… (Now What?)

GA_Right-Now-On-Site3Many advertisers make the mistake of believing that more traffic is all they need to increase sales. This is a common misconception that can be very expensive in the form of wasted advertising.

Your website’s visitors are more skeptical today than ever before. They must be constantly re-assured that you have a good track record and that you can be trusted.

That’s why we will work with you to ensure that that your website has the highest perceived status possible, before spending a single dollar more for traffic.

What People Say And What They Do (2 Different Things)

When it comes to online marketing, from a purely psychological perspective, what people say and what they do are often 2 different things.

Likewise, what they want and what they need are usually different too.

By testing and measuring the actions that your visitors take, we essentially allow them to “vote without rationalizing”. This gives us an unfiltered glimpse into their true buying behavior (rather than assuming and trying to force visitors to do something).

This is the essence of an effective optimization process that can lead to huge increases in profitability for your business when done correctly.

Test, Track & Tweek

With advanced testing software, creative know-how and careful split testing of the elements on your page, we’ll help you to improve your online status and increase lead flow in a specific and measurable way.

The net-effect of the optimization process, results in a website/sales-funnel that out-performs your competitors and makes all of your advertising more profitable and sustainable!


These are some of the components we test to improve your website:

Design Elements (e.g. Arrows, Graphics, Images, Male vs Female, etc.)
Trust Badges (e.g. Verisign,, Securi, SSL, BBB, etc.)
Sales Videos (e.g. Video 1 vs Video 2, Autoplay vs No Autoplay)
Colors (e.g. “Buying Colors” tend to be: Blue, Green, Orange, Gold)
Social Proof (e.g. Customer Testimonials, Client Logos)
Call To Actions (e.g. “Get Started!”, “Sign Me Up!”, “Send My Free Report”, etc.)


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