What Others Say

“He’s the Real Deal in SEO: 5 Stars.”

Perry MarshallPerryMarshallLogo

I met Donovan because he was a member of my Mastermind Club. As I talked to him in detail, it became clear that he really did know how to get results, and he was able to PROVE his ability, with his clients and case studies and examples.

Meanwhile, I’d hired SEO firms before and not gotten results. I listened to my gut and called up Donovan and asked him if he’d “fix my SEO problems.” That was one year ago.

He completely rebuilt my site, put it on a WordPress platform, set up a blog and various programming features.

I greatly prefer the WordPress platform to the HTML format we used to use. It is much easier to post new content quickly.

I love the blog format and the interaction with my customers.

Donovan is responsive, has capable staff members who do the heavy lifting, and he brings plenty of fresh ideas and resources.

So I’m certifying that he’s the Real Deal in SEO: 5 Stars.

Perry Marshall

“From $4.5 Million to $10 Million in Sales”

Eddie SymondsPowerTrainProductsLogo1

In one word WOW!!. Donovan has proven to be a huge asset to my company. his ability in adwords, SEO and overall marketing advise is phenomenal. He makes himself available to his client constantly. He has the best quality I always look for in someone to work with…HE CARES. After being burned by a few SEO and web companies I was very leery to trust someone again but after two years of working with Donovan I can say he has my business for life!

Eddie Symonds
Powertrain Products, Inc
Entered the Inc 5000 in 2015

“Money well spent, time well honored.”

Britanie OlveraPowerTrainProductsLogo1

Donovan is behind the powerhouse strategy for our firm’s “call to action marketing initiative” to drive new clients and revenue. For starters we hired him for marketing presence and to create a better online platform to drive our very diverse stream of clientele. Donovan quickly brought a whole plethora of experience and wisdom to the table in areas of SEO, website branding and optimization that we had never heard from others “experts” in the same space. I might be paying twice as much compared to the others but I am getting 3x the results, hands down. Not to mention it’s still a lot less cost/overhead and time than hiring a sales person.

He quickly found and suggested many changes that made sense and are already (in a few short months) proving advantageous. I think for most business leaders and owners, we expect and want immediate results, so often it can be a stretch to allow yourself a longer runway to let things start taking off. Our runway has been about 5 months, and I am glad we held on and let Donovan do what he does best, at this point he is the captain and we let him get the plane off the ground. We are seeing more calls, conversions, on both ends of our client portal.

Our business is unique in that we have two very different client bases and although the objective to get them to engage us or call is the same, how you get to both camps to find them is very different – Donovan has figured out a way to do both. We are excited about the future revenue growth and marketing mantra we have created. Donovan’s ROI is steadfastly growing and monetizing itself. Money well spent, time well honored.

I would highly recommend his team if you want to drive website traffic, produce increased revenue and grow your business.

“Whatever You’re Doin’, You’re Rockin’ It!”

Britanie Olvera
Building Team Solutions, Inc.

“We just got a new client from his efforts that yielded us $17k – so I am a HUGE fan of Donovan’s work.”

Rick Ruenes
Building Team Solutions, Inc.

“I was very impressed from the first moment
and that started a great relationship.”


Roberto Torralbas
Owner, Team Third Law
Third Law Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

“Donovan is an excellent AdWords consultant”

Roland FrasierDigitalMarketerLogo

Donovan is an excellent AdWords consultant. He helped me with several campaigns across a wide array of businesses and even successfully recovered a banned account for one of my businesses. He is methodical and very ROI focused, and I highly recommend him.

Roland Frasier

“We’re now currently getting optins from those campaigns at literally half the cost of optins from other funnels”

Bryan ToddPerryMarshallLogo

Donovan Kovar set up remarketing campaigns for us where none existed before. Turns out we were leaving a significant amount of business on the table, untouched & untapped. He got them running, tweaked, and producing results. We’re now currently getting optins from those campaigns at literally half the cost of optins from other funnels we have running. That’s impressive.

Bryan Todd
President of PerryMarshall.com and co-author of, “The Definitive Guide to Google AdWords”

“A true conversion marketing expert”

Greg RaglandExecucommIncLogo

Donovan is a true conversion marketing expert from helping you think through your sales funnel to capturing leads through Google and other channels to helping optimize conversions. I highly recommend him and his team!

Greg Ragland
Execucomm, Inc.

“Donovan is an Adwords Consultant of the very highest magnitude.”

Greg CassarTheCollective1

Donovan Kovar is an Adwords Consultant of the very highest magnitude.

Donovan was able to solve problems for me that I never thought could ever be solved with an Adwords account. His attention to detail and work ethic are second to none. If you get the chance to work with him then go for it.

Greg Cassar

“Donovan is a Master of Adwords and Client Management”

Brad CostanzoKentClothierLogo

Donovan is a master of Adwords and client management. It’s hard to do both, but Donovan not only knows how to create high converting Adwords campaigns, he knows how to service his clients so they feel comfortable that he and his team are doing everything they can to make sure that we, as his clients, know we’re in good hands.

Brad Costanzo
Marketing Director for Kent Clothier

“Rankings are looking great, our keywords are really moving up.”

Jim SiwekMaxEmailLogo

Rankings are looking great, our keywords are really moving up. Thanks for all your help. You’ve done more in 2 months than our previous SEO company couldn’t do in 19 months.

We have seen a 38% increase in Google traffic since we started working together, and of those visits, a 23% increase in new visits. And while much smaller numbers, Bing traffic has increased 54% and Yahoo 37%.

You obviously know what you’re doing 😉

Jim Siwek

“It’s been a pleasure working with Donovan.”

Alex ThompsonDiscountTwoWayRadioLogo

It’s been a pleasure working with Donovan. He has taken care of our Adwords account for quite some time now and has always been very proactive. He reaches out to me on a regular basis with new ideas to try, updates on the work he has been doing and changes that have been happening in the ppc arena.

It’s refreshing to work with a contractor that you don’t have to chase down and bug for updates.

He is also a good sounding board to bounce ideas off of and get a second opinion on any marketing projects that you are working on.

In the end it’s easy for me to recommend Donovan to anyone who is looking for a ppc manager.

Alex Thompson

“Donovan is a savvy marketing sparkplug who steps into a situation…”

Jay CrossDIYDegreeLogo

Donovan is a savvy marketing sparkplug who steps into a situation, assesses the territory and instantly generates amazing ideas for moving the ball down the field. The ideal partner for a stuck-in-your-head perfectionist (like me!) Donovan brings fresh energy, infectious enthusiasm and formidable skills that catapult your company to the next level.

Years go, I told a friend: “Hiring a marketing consultant isn’t like hiring a roofer for your house. The best person could literally be 100x better than second best.”

Working with Donovan is daily proof of that. If you get the chance to work with him, don’t let it slip away!

Jay Cross
Founder at DIY Degree

“Donovan has been great to work with!”

Amber EwartSurvivalLifeLogo

Donovan has been great to work with! He was able to do everything with Adwords that I couldn’t, which is basically everything. Haha. He has his own way of producing results that not only brings conversions but builds brand awareness, which is the perfect combination my company was looking for. I’d recommend him to anyone or any business. Thanks, Donovan!

Amber Ewart

“Donovan Kovar is awesome.”

Simon KubiakKubiakLawyersLogo

Donovan Kovat is awesome. His attention to detail coupled with his extensive knowledge of SEO have proven themselves over and over. My law firm once appeared on the third or fourth or fifth page of Google but now I am seeing first page placement.

Simon Kubiak
Simon A. Kubiak, Attorneys at Law, P.C.

“Amazing results!”

Larry BrooksWestCoastMarketingLogo

I took over a fairly large client who had an existing Adwords account and several campaigns. When I reviewed the Adwords account campaigns it looked like it had not been managed for some time and thought it should be performing better. I asked around for a PPC expert and Donovan Kovar’s name kept coming up!

In the 1st month after Donovan took over and updated our campaigns we saw a huge improvement in impressions and clicks while also seeing a reduction in cost per click! Amazing results!

Larry Brooks
WCM Marketing

“Donovan is a 10,000 watt mega-genius when it comes to marketing and PPC campaigns.

Amit Suneja He built my campaign from scratch and made it into a several hundred thousand dollar a month business. He was instrumental in strategizing our websites and was consulting me on different aspects of the sales funnel. His advise is worth it’s weight in gold… specially when it comes to creating new sales funnels. He is two people in one – because not only is he one of the best at marketing… he’s also very tech savvy. Donovan has my highest recommendation.

Amit Suneja
Lord of Conversions

“Donovan’s team has taken us from not being anywhere close to the first page on Google to #1 – #3 spots on our top keywords.”

Chris DunnChrisDunnLogo

Donovan’s team has taken us from not being anywhere close to the first page on Google to #1 – #3 spots on our top keywords. It’s amazing to see the depth of our site that creates true authority in the search engines’ eyes. I tried working with a few other SEO companies in the past with hardly any result. We get regular updates as to how we’re improving, which is great. Thanks to the team for helping us become a recognized industry leader!

Chris Dunn

“I highly recommend Donovan and his services.”

Jan HrkachTrueHealthyProductsLogo

I have been working with Donovan Kovar for about four year now he offers quality integrity along with impeccable high quality work. His company manages all my web properties from SEO to web development his company is a crucial part of our companies success. I highly recommend Donovan and his services.

Jan Hrkach, CEO

“Donovan is an Internet marketing genius!”

Terry DanielVoiceOverClubLogo

Donovan is an Internet marketing genius! He is single handedly responsible for setting the stage for my voiceover recording business. I had resigned from radio advertising sales with little plan in place for my home based business and Donovan provided a compass for me. He helped with my websites and put together a killer Internet marketing campaign that still attracts qualifying leads for my voiceover business. We have since gone on to partner on other Internet ventures. He is a joy to work with and I have learned so much from him. You will too!

Terry Daniel
Professional Voice Actor

“He is my first call for web marketing initiatives.”

Chris OhlsenSharpSkyPartnersLogo

Donovan and his team have the ability to help guide a business in web based initiatives so that strategy and technology work in harmony. End result is an optimized sales funnel, higher conversions and increase in sales revenue. A perfect blend of industry savvy and strategic insight.

My experience has been that from initial concept to defining the road map and achieving the measurable end results, Donovan delivers. The best part is that he is able to shoulder the major burden of this effort with his team and help set the bar higher for all involved. He is my first call for web marketing initiatives.

Christopher Ohlsen
Principal Partner
Sharp Sky Partners

(Sharp Sky Partners is a management Consulting and Business Design Firm serving Fortune 500 Clients)

“I always look forward to working with Donovan as he is organized, professional, and the quality of his SEO knowledge is best in class.”

Howie Schwartz I have known Donovan for FIVE YEARS! He actually attended the first Internet Marketing event that I hosted. I was instantly impressed with his focus and drive to succeed. The student has become the master as now Donovan trains my students in my high end marketing coaching programs! I always look forward to working with Donovan as he is organized, professional, and the quality of his SEO knowledge is best in class.

Howie Schwartz
Internet Marketer

“If you want results, Donovan Kovar is your man.”

Ryan Oneill Not only an incredibly hard-working, honest, and reliable business associate, Donovan goes above and beyond in helping you achieve your desired SEO and Google ranking results.

As the Broker for the #1 real estate team in Minnesota, the team and I have been fortunate over the years to partner with Donovan and his wife Alex. Through Donovan’s SEO expertise, a massive number of buyer and seller leads are generated each month through their real estate websites. Our team has been privileged to work these leads, and because of the quality of these leads, we have converted a very high number.

Donovan is truly all around impressive and a class act. If you are looking to take your business to the next level, let our team’s results speak for themselves. I strongly encourage you to contact Donovan today.

Take care,

Ryan O’Neill
The Minnesota Real Estate Team

The #1 Real Estate Team in Minnesota in 2009 – Over 700 Homes Sold

The #2 RE/MAX Team in the United States in 2010 – www.MnRealEstateTeam.com

“Donovan Kovar exceeded my expectations for designing and implementing my new website.”

Dr. Beverly Yates I did not think it was possible for some one to be even more enthusiastic than I am about my website, and at every step Donovan was helpful, accurate and innovative. His vision for the website was clear, useful and came together way ahead of the schedule I had in mind. My typical experience over the years with website design and implementation has been slow and painful. This time, working with Donovan and his team, was a real joy for me.

I’ll gladly be a customer again and look forward to working with Donovan and his team on other projects, including SEO work as well as website design and implementation.

Dr. Beverly Yates, ND

“Donovan works his butt off, often going beyond the call of duty to get things done.”

Barry McDonaghPanicAwayLogo

The 24-7-Sales team completely converted my traditional .html website into WordPress and added a great deal of new functionality to it, including blogging, tracking and a new members area.

When we started working together a few years ago, our site had very few organic rankings in Google. Today, we are on the first page for at least 5 of our top converting (and highly competitive) phrases.

Donovan works his butt off, often going beyond the call of duty to get things done.
His team continue to manage my sites, provide development and SEO promotions for us, and I would highly recommend them for anyone that needs help advancing their online business.

Barry McDonagh

“Donovan under promises and over delivers….”

Lucas RockwoodAbsoluteYogaAcademyLogo

The exact opposite of most SEO’s and for that reason exactly the kind of guy you want to work with. 1st page of Google in month 4 for all 5 of our top keyword phrases. Enough said.

Lucas Rockwood

“Donovan has helped us to improve our website in several ways…”

Janet BrewerCalProbateLogo

Donovan has helped us to improve our website in several ways, and to generate more qualified leads by creating focused advertising for our niche with Google Adwords.

I recommend Donovan for his consulting and expertise for any Professional service provider wanting to increase their revenues by increasing their ability to be found online by new potential clients.

Janet L. Brewer

“Easy to Work with and a Pleasure”

Chris Ayers You have been very hard working and timely in your work, easy to work with and a pleasure!

Chris Ayers
CEO of SouthernAdvertising.com

“Donovan is one of the smartest, most strategic marketers I have ever met…”

Neesha MirchandaniImpact Stars Logo

Donovan is one of the smartest, most strategic marketers I have ever met in my 20+ years in the industry. If you like a no B.S. approach, and you are single-mindedly focused on maximizing your profitability, you’ll love working with this man. There’s a clarity he brings to the table that’s so refreshing. Most marketers don’t have this cut-through-the-crap way of thinking. If you’re burning through big piles of cash on Google Adwords or Facebook Ads, you should talk to him. His “Housekeeping Method” is so brilliant, especially if you’re running multiple campaigns, across multiple product lines or geographical markets, but other Adwords consultants ignore it because it’s boring. Personally, I only care about what gets results 🙂

Neesha Mirchandani

“Donovan is the REAL DEAL.”

Brian WilliamsFive Star Economy Logo

Donovan is the REAL DEAL. I am happy to refer my VIP clients to him for anything Google AdWords and SEO related. I’m blessed to have known and worked with him for so many years.

Brian Williams
President at FiveStarEconomy.com

“Leads are Coming In Left and Right…”

Danny Ives

I don’t know what the deal is, but since i hired you the business has exploded! Leads are coming in left and right man no joke. This is amazing.

Coach Danny Ives

“(We’ve) already seen a dramatic increase in our sales, which is a direct result of the lead increase (I’m talking 500%+)!”

We started working with Donovan and his team a few months ago and have already seen a dramatic increase in our sales, which is a direct result of the lead increase (I’m talking 500%+)! He goes above the standard in helping us with our questions and is very responsive and quick to help when we need him. He has gotten to know us and our business on a level that enables personal direction, not generic advice. We look forward to our future working with Donovan and Newadgroup!

Teresa Ives

“…he takes care of your baby and proactively thinks how to grow it day after day.”

Stefano ColonnaMovylo logo

When you run a new product and you want to enter a complex market you need to think about your product as a small baby and feed/monitor it everyday. Being a consultant that gives good ideas is usually not enough: you need to take care of the baby, that means dedicate a LOT of time to think how to grow it in the best possible way.

Donovan does this: he does not sell conversion rates, he takes care of your baby and proactively thinks how to grow it day after day.

Stefano Colonna

“We have gotten 4 phone calls and 3 new leads!”

I’m really liking the way this is headed. Within a week, we have gotten 4 phone calls and 3 new leads!

Jon Garfield
Owner, Garfield Martial Arts
Garfield Martial Arts

“Getting Leads Almost Every Day!”

You’re killing it dude. Getting leads almost every day!

Marty Proops
President, RealWorld Marketing
RealWorld Marketing