Adwords Advertising

Making Google AdWords Advertising
Work For Your Business

Get Access To The Most Targeted, Laser-Focused Advertising On The Planet With Google AdWords. Peer Into The Mind Of Your Customers, Address Their Needs And Make The Sale!

Google AdWords provides your google_adwords_23kbbusiness with a revolutionary way to meet customers “where they are at” by identifying the words and phrases they use to look for your products/services.

With the ability to quickly split test different Ads, AdWords provides a system for discovering the “buying-psychology” of your market that we use to leverage and maximize your marketing ROI.

This is competitive-intelligence at its finest – and we make use of this data to focus your marketing message in a way that converts visitors to buyers throughout all of your sales funnels.

AdWords Is A Massive System. We Will Help You To Make The Best Of All That It Has To Offer, With The Following…

  • Search Advertising

By identifying the search terms that your customers use, AdWords allows us to place your message in the right place, at the right time. Search advertising is a powerful tool for introducing your offer precisely when people are looking for a solution.

A tremendous amount can be learned about your customer’s “buying language” through Google search advertising.

  • Display Advertising

Google’s “Display Network” is a vast source of traffic that can be used to find and target your buyers where they frequent online.

By simple identifying OTHER websites that your prospects visit, we can leverage their authority by placing highly targeted advertisements on their sites – and bring related visitors back over to YOUR site.

This tactic can produce fantastic results for your business!

  • Shopping Ads

Are you an e-commerce business? AdWords makes it easy to show your products with cost-effective Shopping Ads that are generated by your product merchant feed.

This can be a great way to attract new buyers to your online store, without spending a fortune on advertising.

  • Dynamic Ads

Dynamic Ads are a little known (but powerful) feature of AdWords that allow the AdWords system itself to match search engine queries with content on your website. This can provide low cost clicks for otherwise expensive keywords, and reveal hidden veins of traffic for your website that you may have not found otherwise.

  • YouTube Advertising

YouTube Ads can now be managed within your AdWords account. This makes it easier to control and put your marketing message in front of You Tube’s massive audience.

YouTube Ads can be both banner Ads (that are placed over existing videos) or your own videos that act as short “infomercials” for your product or service.

We’ll help you to develop a comprehensive strategy for marketing with Youtube to help ensure maximum reach in your market.

  • Remarketing

Remarketing is an essential marketing tactic for bringing people BACK to your website to take an action (if they haven’t already). AdWords remarketing allows you to gently remind visitors about your brand & offers with Text Ads, Banner Ads, Dynamic Ads (generated by your merchant feed) and Video Ads (on YouTube).

Remarketing WORKS and we’ll configure and optimize a powerful remarketing campaign for your offers to help you get the most from your paid advertising strategy.


Google AdWords “Agency Management Program”

In 2015 were chosen by Google AdWords to be a part of their select “Agency Management Program” of which there are only about 200 agencies world-wide.

According to our account representative, this decision was made based on a number of factors observed in the way we manage our client’s AdWords campaigns, which qualified us for inclusion in this elite group.

This is considered to be an honor as we are provided with special privileges and support (such as beta tools) that we pass on to benefit our client’s accounts.


Are We A Good Fit?

If your company is already doing a minimum of $500K in gross annual sales, and your audience is looking online for what you offer – we may be able to help you grow your business with AdWords advertising.

Feel free to schedule a free (no obligation) AdWords evaluation with us to discuss your company’s advertising goals.